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Posted on: January 16, 2008 1:36 pm

Mitchell Report, blah, blah blah

First off, let me say that I absolutely detest players who used steroids in order to gain advantage in sports. Steroids were developed to help people who suffer from medical conditions, not so that guys who have the privilege of playing a sport for a living can get better. I applaud the Hall of Fame for trying to take a stand against players who the believe used. Whether or not they succeed in keeping them all out will be seen, but it is a noble stand.

However, in baseball reporting it is getting a little tiring of the non-stop reporting of the mitchell report and it's repercussions. It's a classic case of journalism overkill. No on is creative enough or diligent enough to get off their butts and do some reporting, instead waiting for the next news piece to come over the AP that they can add their opinion and byline to. If there's some truly new piece of information concerning steroid use in baseball put it out there, but when the baseball pages of every single sports reporting website, (CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, MLB.com, SI, etc) are ninety percent consumed with the Mitchell report I think it's time for some real journalism.

I used to visit all of the aforementioned websites to obtain as much information as possible about baseball, anymore though, I can go to just one of them and receive all the same information. I know it's the off-season and all the big signings and trade are pretty much done, but still there are tons of things that could be covered instead of an over-reported, over-bisected, over-killed report, that deals almost entirely with events that transpired 2 or more years ago.

I for one, am ready to look forward to the future as baseball continues to toughen it's policies and testing procedures, and would appreciate it if a few journalists would do the same.

I feel much better now with that rant over Ahhhhhh

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Posted on: January 15, 2008 10:56 am
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Off-season recap in five minutes or less.

Well it's January 15th with roughly a month to go till spring training gets under way, and I am already anticipating another season of baseball. This off-season has been interesting, with Barry Bonds being indicted and the Mitchell report exposing more of the steroid culture that prevailed in baseball.

There has been just a few free agent moves worth noting, though often times it's the ones that no one notes that can put a team over the top. Alex Rodriguez pulling off his classless act of announcing during game 4 of the World Series that he was opting out only to later resign with the Yankees for far less then Scott Boras was hoping to get. Andrew Jones, coming off an extremely bad contract year signed for two year with the Dodgers, hoping to reestablish himself in that time.

The trade front has provided slightly more news. With the Tigers, coming off a disappointing season following their World Series appearance trading for Miguel Cabrera and Dontre Willis. Dan Haren was shipped to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and more recently Scott Rolen finally getting out of St. Louis. However, two of the bigger names that were bantered about all off-season have yet to be moved, Johan Santanna, and Erik Bedard who nobody seems willing to pony up enough prospects to pry them away from their current teams.

Looking back it's been a fairly eventful season, and it will be interesting to see the repercussions of the Mitchell report, in terms of Congress hearings, the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee spout and suspensions from the league on players named in it. But here's to putting it all in the past and looking forward to the 2008 MLB season.

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