Posted on: January 13, 2009 1:25 pm
Edited on: January 13, 2009 1:26 pm

Coaching Changes for Denver

The News
The Broncos have officially hired and introduced the next head coach, Josh McDowell. Mike Nolan appears to be returning to Denver to become the fourth defensive coordinator in the last four years. Rick Dennison also appears to be gone as the offensive coordinator.

The Opinion
I'm not quite sure how all this will affect the Broncos high-powered offense, whether or not McDowell intends on putting his own stamp on it is yet to been seen.

However the defense is in for a major shake-up, Nolan and McDowell are both proponents of a 3-4 defense as opposed to the 4-3 that's been run in Denver for forever. I think that might lead to a faster defensive turnaround then some suspect, The Broncos' corner-backs are both talented and would benefit significantly from the pressure that a 3-4 can generate. The Broncos will definitely need to improve at safety and also get a nose tackle for it to work. As far as linebackers there is talent there it's just a question of how effectively they can transfer to the newer style.

The offense does need some fine-tuning, they ran yards up all season long, but a lot of times the points on the board didn't match. I think how successful the offense is this year will depend on if the offensively line will have to change from zone-blocking to a more man-to-man style, and if so then how quickly that will happen. All the skill positions are set, except for running-back but this years Broncos team and also the Patriots teams from the last few years show how that isn't a big need in order to run up points.

Well I won the coin-flip, so I actually get a chance to finish this up.

Whatever changes that that McDowell implements will definitely make it an interesting off-season, hopefully the Broncos' draft this year will do as much to help the defense as last year's did to help the offense.
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